Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pictures of my Purpose

I hope to someday travel the world

I hope to attend Wesleyan University next fall

I hope to someday graduate medical school and become a medical professional

What is my Purpose?

Purpose. Definition: The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim for a goal. I believe that the key to purpose is finding yours and making your dreams come true. Currently my purpose is to make it through high school alive. If I am able to accomplish this, the next step of my purpose will be making it through college alive and then simply making it through the rest of my life alive. When I think about my future, I picture myself being a very successful young woman that achieves all I could ever dream of. To me, success is not how much money you make, but simply doing something you love exceedingly well.
Since I am focused on making it through high school alive, I need to focus on my goals and not let any silly drama get in my way. School is very important to me and I value getting good grades. I hope to be at the top of my class when May 12th of 2013 hits. Although I work hard in school and strive to get good grades, I am a teenager that needs to go out and have fun sometimes. Currently, I am trying to be the best daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student, employee, and role model that I can be. I strive each and every day to make each person in my life proud of each move I make. I am not one that likes upsetting people with my choices that I make. I know that I am far from perfect, but I try to be everything everyone wants me to be.
When asked about my plans for the future I feel as if I know exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life, but yet I feel completely lost at the same time. Of course I plan to attend college, but the college that will be receiving my money is still to be determined. I absolutely love Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska. It would be a dream come true to attend Wesleyan for my undergraduate school, but when reality hits, money simply is an issue. I do not want to graduate college with a mound of student loans and debt. If I am able to get enough scholarships, I will most likely attend Wesleyan next fall. Although the college I will be attending is still up in the air, my major is not. I plan to major in biology on the pre-med track and minor in business management.
After I graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Biology I hope I am fortunate enough to attend Medical School. I do believe that part of my purpose is to serve people. Since starting high school, I have been laser-focused on achieving my goal of attending medical school. Becoming a medical professional is important to me for many reasons. First, I have a scientific mind. I love my math and science courses. It is an area that I feel very gifted in. Second, I love helping people. It is my greatest joy to provide a helping hand. Third, I want to make a difference. Medicine is undergoing tremendous change. I want to be part of building a new medical community of 2020 and beyond. I believe that medical school would be a great fit for me. About two weeks ago I saw a cadaver; yes a dead body that has been skinned for teaching and research reasons, and it was simply the coolest thing that I have ever seen. Not many girls could say that a skinned dead person was interesting. I know that I will be able to make it through medical school and residency because I already don’t sleep at night.
If I actually attend and graduate medical school, I would love to be an anesthesiologist. Yes, an anesthesiologist is my dream job. I honestly don’t know why since there is such a high risk of killing someone accidentally each and every day and long hours of being on call almost every night. I guess that I am just simply up for the challenge. Yes, it takes about 12 years of schooling, but I believe I can do it if I put my mind to it. I would love to live in a small town and raise a wonderful family, but also I see myself living in a big city and traveling the world each year. I guess when the time comes I will have to decide which life I really want to live.
I am one that believes each decision you make has an impact on the rest of your life. I believe that my purpose is to live the life that I want to live, not the life that other people want me to life. I need to be my own person and not try to be anyone else. I am one that sort of gets frustrated when I don’t have everything planned out. I am one that plans everything and sticks to that exact plan. I have been really frustrated lately about not knowing exactly where I am going or what I am doing next year. My parents keep telling me that I do not need to know my whole life right now. I am trying to tell myself that everything will work out and I just need to live one step at a time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Home

My Humble Abode

The street on which my house is located

My School

Aurora Huskies football field

My Senior Year Locker

My Community

Aurora, NE population sign

Aurora's water tower

My State

State Capital Building in Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Great Seal

Where Am I?

Home truly is where the heart is. I have lived in the same house, on the same street, and in the same town since I was born. My humble abode is located at 205 Donegal Road in Aurora, NE. Everything about my house simply makes me smile. From the memories of me and my sisters to the ugly flowered couch and chair that sat on our burgundy carpet up until a couple years ago. Although we hated this disgusting looking burgundy carpet, we all missed it once it was gone. Growing up, my sisters and I loved swinging on the swing set that my dad built and sliding down the slip’n’slide for hours each summer. Although I have lived in the same house my whole life, about a week ago I discovered something about it that I never knew. My house was originally built for a lady in a wheel chair. This may explain why the doors are a little wider and the counters are a little shorter.  After she decided to not buy the house, my parents bought it. When growing up I would often describe where I lived by “the hill”. But, most people called it “snob hill”. Simply I would describe my house as the brick house with Christmas lights still up in July and the old, rusty pickup truck in the drive way.
My house resides in Aurora, Nebraska. Aurora is considered the Home of the Huskies. I am very proud to have been raised in such an amazing little town. I come from a town where everyone knows everyone and rumors travel fast. I come from a town where last names matter and the “best kids” receive all the glory. Even though some of these things aren’t the best qualities to have in a town, most people are able to look past them and focus on the best qualities of Aurora. Our town seems to always have something new being constructed. Our school puts their money into things that will help kids reach their maximum potential from the splash pad and the soon to be new pool to the PAC, new football field, and new softball complex. Our community strives to make our community as amazing as it is so that once we all grow up, we will bring our families back to the wonderful town of Aurora. I love everything about Aurora and I could most definitely see myself living in a small community similar to Aurora for the rest of my life.
                Another place to describe where I am would be my school. I have spent years of my life in the Aurora Public Schools. School has simply become a home away from home. I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to this school district in May. Although, I have gotten senioritis, I will miss my school, my teachers, and my classmates. I have had many glories while in school and also some times that I’m not so proud of. Although the Aurora Public Schools have made my school years great, it is time to say goodbye to high school and hello to college. Ever since my mom got remarried to a New-Yorker, I thought that I would love to move to New York City and live the “fantastic” lives that all New-Yorkers live. Yes, I do love all the buzz of the city and believe it or not, the people of the city, but I have decided that I am truly a small town girl. Instead of applying to colleges in New York, I found myself applying to colleges in Nebraska. I truly love my state and would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
                I come from the most loving family that a girl could ask for. I come from a family that believes that the house needs to be clean 24/7. I come from a family that eats dinner together every night. I come from a family that loves to travel. My parents have a passion for traveling, which consequently makes me have a passion for traveling. I am fortunate enough to travel to many places each and every year. I believe that each place I have traveled has made me realize how fortunate I am to live where I do. I love our annual skiing/snowboarding trip. I love our annual visits to the Caribbean. I love traveling to New York every couple of months to visit my family that lives there.
                Even though I no longer plan to attend a college in New York, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in Omaha or Kansas City. Some days I believe that I could see myself there when I am older, but I always seem to think back to how amazing it has been to grow up in a small community like Aurora, NE. I would love for my children to get all of the same great opportunities that I have gotten. I would not trade my family, my house, my street, my town, and my state for anything.